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West Coast Canine Life Pre-Mix

contains only human quality, Organic and Kosher ingredients:

 whole brown rice,  whole oats, whole Thai jasmine rice, certified organic and Kosher pharmaceutical DiCalcium Phosphate, Acadian sea kelp, carob, alfalfa,  Marjoram, oregano,  parsley, ginger, rosemary, turmeric, de-caffeinated green tea, pharmaceutical grade certified organic shiitake mushroom powder and garlic

Most dogs thrive on a WEST COAST CANINE LIFE diet, including dogs with special health challenges.


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6.5KG | $98.00 | This makes 198 muffins

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13KG | $196.00 | This makes 396 muffins

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6.5KG | $98.00 | This makes 198 muffins

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13KG | $196.00 | This makes 396 muffins

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6.5KG | $98.00 | This makes 198 muffins

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13KG | $196.00 | This makes 396 muffins

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