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A message from the owner of West Coast Canine Life, Cheryl Foley .

As a pet food provider we are considered an essential service and we are still producing and shipping product to your local pet food stores in BC and Alberta. If however you cannot access product through your local specialty pet food store we can ship to your home through our website. We urge you to support our small local businesses first in BC and Alberta and call to see if they will facilitate your orders for West Coast Canine Life Premix or muffins. Please see our list of stores that carries our products.

For our loyal USA Premix customers we have shipped a new batch of premix to our warehouse in California and we do not foresee a problem in shipping your premix. Please order as usual.

From our family run business we wish everyone well .

Best Regards

Cheryl Foley

Why West Coast Canine Life

Better Ingredients West Coast Canine Life - Dog Food

Better Ingredients

Contains only human quality, Organic and Kosher ingredients

Tailored for Your Dog West Coast Canine Life - Dog Food

Tailored for Your Dog

Premix: Three dietary specific blends.

Premade: Six protein choices.

Delivered to Your Door

Delivered to Your Door

You’ll never worry about picking up your food again

West Coast Canine Life

contains only human quality, Organic and Kosher ingredients:

 whole brown rice,  whole oats, whole Thai jasmine rice, certified organic and Kosher pharmaceutical DiCalcium Phosphate, Acadian sea kelp, carob, alfalfa,  Marjoram, oregano,  parsley, ginger, rosemary, turmeric, de-caffeinated green tea, pharmaceutical grade certified organic shiitake mushroom powder and garlic

Most dogs thrive on a WEST COAST CANINE LIFE diet, including dogs with special health challenges.

How much will it cost to feed a West Coast Canine Life fresh whole foods cooked diet?

Cook Your Own


6.5KG | $98.00 | Makes 198 muffins

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6.5KG | $98.00 | Makes 198 muffins

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6.5KG | $98.00 | Makes 198 muffins

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Let us Cook it

Frozen Cooked

Need help or More Sizes? mail@westcoastcaninelife.com

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