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Why Cooked?

  • Complete and Balanced: A number of studies have revealed important concerns about nutritional imbalances when raw are not formulated properly. West Coast Canine Life Fresh Cooked is nutritionally balanced with the correct amount of protein, organic whole grains, vegetables and pharmaceutical grade calcium.


  • Reduced Risk: Raw meat can be contaminated with a variety of pathogens that can harm both animals and humans. Salmonella  and E. coli are of particular concern.  Cooking takes away the potential for contamination, cross contamination and stomach concerns for older or gastro sensitive dogs.


  • Possible GI injury. According to some nutritionists, raw diets can contain bones that have been implicated in hazards to the pets that eat them, including:  tooth fractures, injury and perforation of the esophagus, stomach, small intestine, or colon.

Why West Coast Canine Life

Better Ingredients West Coast Canine Life - Dog Food

Better Ingredients

Contains only human quality, Organic and Kosher ingredients

Tailored for Your Dog West Coast Canine Life - Dog Food

Fresh for Your Dog

We make 6 different flavours: Turkey, Chicken, Beef, Fish, Duck and Kangaroo

Delivered to Your Door

Delivered to Your Door

You’ll never worry about picking up your food again

We Have 6 Flavours
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