Make Dog Treats with West Coast Canine Life Premix

Dog Treats: Meaty Delites


– 4 cups of West Coast Canine Life Premix

– 1/4 lb raw ground boneless meat or liver simmered in a cup of water then ground

– Filtered water (enough to make the dough moist enough to roll)


Baking Instruction:

– Preheat oven to 275F.

– Whirl all the ingredients together in food processor or mixer

– Process until dough forms a large ball. Use a little more Premix if dough is sticky Or use

additional water if dough seems crumbly

– Turn out dough and knead lightly.

– Line two cookie sheets with parchment/baking paper for perfect non-stick cookies.

– Place dough in the centre of the sheet. Roll out thinly and evenly to about 1/4 inch thickness.

– With a sharp knife, score into bite size squares or small training treats.

– Bake one hour at 275F degrees. Cookies should feel hard and dry in the centre; if not give

them another 1/2 hour.

– Turn off oven and let cookies cool for several hours in the oven. When throughly cool and

dry, remove from baking sheet, break into pieces.

– Store in a container without a tight lid. Do Not Refrigerate.


Note: The more throughly dried out the biscuits are, the longer they will last.

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