West Coast Canine Life Uses Whole Fresh Organic Grains to form Part of our Premix

We use certified organic whole brown rice, organic whole oats, and organic whole Jasmine Rice for their special qualities that help support dogs’ health, longevity, and optimum cognitive and physical development and performance. Our carefully selected non-irradiated and organic herbs and spices include alfalfa, carob, Acadian sea kelp, ginger, marjoram, parsley, oregano, turmeric, shiitake mushroom powder, de-caffeinated green tea, rosemary and garlic.

For your dogs’ safety, we use only pharmaceutical grade certified organic and Kosher DiCalcium Phosphate Dihydrate (Formula CaHPO42H20) as our calcium source, as lead has been found in some calcium products made from bone meal. This particular calcium is used in compounding pharmacies around the world. Laboratory assays are readily available for each batch of calcium used. It is this type of dedication to ingredients that sets West Coast Canine Life apart from other types of premixes. The purity of all the ingredients we use in Canine Life is of paramount importance to us, and we are proud to say that in theory, every ingredient we use in our products could be eaten by all your family members. We are very proud that a WEST COAST CANINE LIFE® whole foods diet is also recommended by Spectrum Labs. Veterinarians throughout North America, as well as more than 30 counties around the world, depend on Spectrum Labs for allergy testing.

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