West Coast Canine Life is a Whole Foods Diet.

Our foods are made with only whole fresh, local, human quality and organic ingredients. WEST COAST CANINE LIFE® Our company is only possible through a legacy of caring, determined dog lover’s who have used their education and passion to create and distribute this unique quality product. Premixes are blended locally, in a small family owned and operated facility on Vancouver Island, BC. We are very proud that we know where every ingredient comes from and how every ingredient is processed. Two independent laboratory analyses were conducted on the original West Coast Canine Life recipe, to ensure alignment with the National Research Council and AAFCO guidelines. The Premix and muffins do not contain meat meals, by-products, digest of by-products, fragments, preservatives of any kind, and further, corn, wheat, soy, and yeast are never found on a WEST COAST CANINE LIFE® ingredient list.

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